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Philip Turton


Stone Repairs


There are many types of Stone repairs that range from


       Cutting back defective stone and an indent repair

       Removal of whole masonry units and re-mason and fix

       Plastic repairs that use artificial means to re-create the moulding

       Individual Ashlar block replacement


The list could go on but our tradesmen are conversant in using hand tools and small mechanical tools to remove defective stone and indent with stainless steel pins, fixed with epoxy resin or lime slurry mortars and carving to the desired fished moulding.


This operation takes a great about of skill to keep the moulding lines correct and joints in the stone to an absolute minimum. This type of work usually needs to be finished in-situ and therefore a great amount of skill is required for this type of work.


We continually maintain that all our operatives are "as good as they can be" with the skills they hold and although impossible for all to be measured the same, we have built up a great understanding with all our operatives regards who would be the best for the Job.

We therefore operate as a contractor that carries out works on Historic Property stone indent repairs and no stone repair or plastic repair is beyond us.