Philip Turton


Building & Conservation Ltd

Bolsover Castle

Fountain Garden Wall Walk


While working directly with English Heritage 20 years or so ago, Our director Philip was one of the team that carried out phase 1 of the fountain Garden Wall Walk project that involved the plinth course and paving to the wall top and a small section of the crenulations.


In 2013 we were invited to get involved in the £1.35million project that included the stone work crenulations, opening up the 2 balconies that were blocked up 130 years ago and replacing with oak doors, and enhanced Visitor Interpretation Experience.

There was near 170 tons of carved Masonry Units to supply and fix and the pedestals were near 500kg to be lifted 1500mm over the top of the support reinforcing bars.

NHL 5 Lime mortar was used and templates of all the quirky angles had to be hand masoned in situ.

The architect was Ptolemy Dean who we have forged a fantastic relationship with and our on site problem solving was a key factor to this project having a successful conclusion. Our knowledge of the monument and also Conservation works and interaction with Public, Press, English Heritage project Management during the works programme aided the client to promote this fantastic addition during the contract period.


The End result was Conservation awards won and this project was a fantastic conclusion to what we started 20 years ago and we are extremely proud of the finished result for all to see for many years to come.