Building & Conservation Ltd


Philip Turton


St Martins Church 


We were asked to get involved in the masonry side of this project as a specialist sub-contractor but after negotiations, we were asked to site manage and train the apprentices on the project as the major part of the project we were going to do.

We did all the masonry repairs, excavate and install the traditional lime ash floor that incorporated under floor heating, managed the ground source heat contractors that drilled 110m down into the earth and then install pipes for a state of the art ground source heating system that heats the under floor heating pipes with minimal cost, new stone flooring to the whole church, removing a horrendous 1970's extension that almost cut through the Nave.

Management of the restoration of conservators to restorer the 1930's paintings that were crudely painted over.


This project also had 4 apprentices that were in conjunction with the Heritage Lottery Fund and we trained the guys in basic masonry skills and 2 of them are now fully employed by PTB&CS Ltd.


This project was invited to be considered for an English heritage Angles Award that it was shortlisted down to the top 3. The project was a real privilege to work on and very fulfilling and the Architect, Bruce Bradley and the church warden, Hilary wheat, was great to work with on this community driven project