Building & Conservation Ltd


Philip Turton


St Bernadettes Church



In 2005, we purchased a 1700c Church Hall building and the associated land on the High Street at Bolsover. Our original aim was to convert this into a residential property for re-sale later.


After we achieved planning permission for the extension and conversion works, it quickly became apparent to my wife and I, that this was far to important to us to sell and we set out with the possibility that we just may not sell it.

During the Christmas of 2005/06, we decided 100% that this would be a fantastic place to raise our 2 children.

The conversion took approx 7 months and we moved into our new home in June 2006.


We was asked by the Local Civic Society if they could nominate St Bernadette's Church House for a Derbyshire Green Watch Award. The project achieved a Commendation and we agreed to donate any money that was won to the society for re-generation into the village.


This Building is very close to our Heart and constantly a reminder to us of what it means to work in Historic and listed Properties.