Philip Turton


Building & Conservation Ltd

Animal Wall - Cardiff


The Animal Wall project was one of the most Health and safety conscious projects we have ever carried out. This was also one of the most artistically technical as re-carving Animal faces to historic photographs was quite tricky.

The Animal wall is a wall that flanks the very Busy Castle Street in Cardiff with Bute Park and the Castle on one side and the Millennium Stadium on the other. The Public Path had to be kept open all the time, We could not work at night due to noise restrictions of nearby hotels so the Health & Safety Plan had to be developed and continually updated. The Architect was Michael Davis of Davis Sutton Architects.


The project saw graffiti removal after trials using Doff with Stone health Softeners, 100% removal of cementious pointing and replaced with coloured Hydraulic Mortar, New Stone indents using Royal pennant (forest of Dean) Stone to damaged Merlon tops and new carved face, beak, eyes etc to vandalised Animals. We first cast clay models of the missing areas then replicated this in stone.


Dust suppression and waste material control was absolutely paramount on this project and the time scales were extremely tight as the programme of works areas had to be co-ordinated around major sporting events at the National Stadium 100 yards away